Honestly, I Swear

a short story by bruce dierbeck I’ll admit it, I’m a liar. And I don’t mean those little fibs either, like telling your parents the report card didn’t come yet, when really it’s been confiscated and buried in the garbage beneath piles of German Shepherd feces. I mean real lifes; the kind that are capable […]

Patch It Up

It never fails. At whichever point of our lives that we’re at, we always want to be at another. When I was in fourth grade, I desperately wanted to be an adult, already. Make no mistake, I was a happy kid and found countless ways to have a blast. Yet, I also wanted to be […]

My Cast of Characters

I’ve never been a morning person. The alarm clock is scarier than any George Romero movie I’ve ever seen. But the older I get, the better I’m getting at naturally waking up early on the weekends. Don’t get me wrong. During the work week, my body wants to sleep until the afternoon because it knows […]

Aged Six Years.

I was paging through a writing journal of mine from December of 2003. I came across a short story that I nearly forgot I had written. After finding it, I can now vividly recall sitting in a Starbucks on a Friday or Saturday night six years ago, in another city, and just letting this story […]

867-5308 Jerry

I feel sorry for Jerry. He lives on the corner of the subdivision, next to Jenny. A complete coincidence that neighbors would also share a phone number that differs by just the final digit. Jenny’s a girl with the kind of charisma that makes happily married men hold the door upon her arrival, and wordsmiths […]

It’s Just Me and My Word Children.

Parents. I don’t know how you do it. After just a taste of it, I find it difficult and mentally draining. Okay, so I haven’t actually been doing any babysitting, nor have I adopted any kids. The taste that I speak of is actually my writing — my “Word Children”, if you will. I have […]

Music To My Eyes

Ernest Hemingway was once challenged to write a story in just six words. The result? For Sale: Baby shoes, never worn. Amazing. And sad. A story which says so much, with so little. While letting my iTunes play one evening, I began thinking of how some song titles do this same thing. Even before hearing […]