Confessions of Nerdery

I dig Algebra. It’s my favorite form of math. I aced Algebra I and II. 3x + 4 = 12 … Solve for x I like problem solving stuff and answering questions where you can go back and verify, knowing immediately if your answer is right or wrong. When a test was over, you basically […]

Ghosts of Classrooms Past

I loved this time of year, when I was in elementary school. From the first week of December on, there was a buzz in the air. It started with St. Nick and every kid coming to school all hopped up on stockings full of candy, then dealing extras to one another in exchange for candies […]

The Breakfast (Blend) Club

Lately, while working on cover letters and sending out resumes, I enjoy moving my home office to the coffee shop when possible. Or as I’ve dubbed it, The Coffice. At most places, chain or no chain, you can get a mug of coffee for around the dollar mark with free or inexpensive refills. After spending […]