I Have This Move

When I’m in a group and someone in the group asks if anyone’s seen movie “X”. If I haven’t seen movie “X” I will immediately attempt to distract the conversation with some form of an observational question of one of the group’s members. It comes off as a side conversation, but the group tends to […]

Bad To The Boneless

You know what? When my parents were growing up, they had the space race going on. The space race produced all sorts of great expectations – like flying cars and human beings living until the age of one hundred and fifty because robotic parts would then be capable of fixing each and every failing human […]

Patch It Up

It never fails. At whichever point of our lives that we’re at, we always want to be at another. When I was in fourth grade, I desperately wanted to be an adult, already. Make no mistake, I was a happy kid and found countless ways to have a blast. Yet, I also wanted to be […]

Uninvited Guests Suck

Vampires are everywhere, these days. And because of that, as Bob Wiley said in What About Bob? – “There are two types of people in this world. Those who love Neil Diamond and those who don’t.” But. You know. Replacing the Neil with a Vamp. I don’t really have a problem with them. Neil Diamond […]

Just in the So-nic of Time

I must be one of the last people on the planet to try the fast food carhop chain, Sonic. A year ago, one finally opened in the Milwaukee area. Equal parts one who tries to support local restaurants more so than chains lately and just pure laziness to drive to that part of the city, […]

Thanks a Latte!

What is it about coffee shops and grocery stores that always makes me feel like I’m five minutes away from falling in love? Knee jerk reaction is that it’s too many movies. But I don’t feel like I’m about to save a building full of drunk businessmen and women from an angry German terrorist every […]