I Have This Move

When I’m in a group and someone in the group asks if anyone’s seen movie “X”. If I haven’t seen movie “X” I will immediately attempt to distract the conversation with some form of an observational question of one of the group’s members. It comes off as a side conversation, but the group tends to […]

My Cast of Characters

I’ve never been a morning person. The alarm clock is scarier than any George Romero movie I’ve ever seen. But the older I get, the better I’m getting at naturally waking up early on the weekends. Don’t get me wrong. During the work week, my body wants to sleep until the afternoon because it knows […]

Don’t Fear the Cougar

I get it. Nobody wants to get older. Every other commercial is about hiding wrinkles, having smoother skin and taking years off your face. Nips, tucks, and Botox used to be something nobody admitted to having done. Now, we’re about a week away from these services being offered in your local grocery store, next to […]

Channel S(m)urfing Observations

I wake up at 5:30 every morning for work, so when the weekend rolls around, I like to get a slow start to my Saturday and/or Sunday whenever possible. A couple weeks ago, this meant waking up and proceeding to channel surf through channels I never usually watch. And that’s when I found it. A […]

Warming Up To Winter

I almost enjoy a woman more, who is bundled up in winter clothing. Almost. Their essence is expressed in how they choose to layer. And you’re left to your imagination in order to figure out who is underneath it all. It’s one of the things that gets me through the long, almost unbearable, winter months. […]

Driving Me Crazy.

Growing up, I watched lots of horror movies. The same thing always happened toward the end of these movies. The killer would be lying on the ground, supposedly lifeless at the hands of the sweet-faced heroine. But she was never satisfied with merely killing the slasher. She was always compelled to take a peak under […]