Order Over Chaos

I’m a little neurotic. A bit of a neat-freak. And probably borderline OCD at times. I like the comfort of having routines. Routines feel safe. They give order. Which, ultimately, allows you to make it through portions of your day on cruise control. Y’know, basically the same governing principles of the zombie genus. For this […]

Driving Me Crazy.

Growing up, I watched lots of horror movies. The same thing always happened toward the end of these movies. The killer would be lying on the ground, supposedly lifeless at the hands of the sweet-faced heroine. But she was never satisfied with merely killing the slasher. She was always compelled to take a peak under […]

Like a Surgeon.

This very week, back when I was five years old, I had to go into surgery and have my tonsils removed. But I sometimes wonder if the doctor removed my testicles, too. When I look at my taste in music, it looks like the album collection of a 12-year-old girl in 1976. Not to mention, […]