I’ve Had a Few

“What’s your greatest fear?” she asked. “You want the funny answer or the honest answer?” he asked. “Come on. The honest one.” He thought a moment. “Regret. There’s nothing scarier out there than regret.” He lingered on the thought, his eyes transfixed on the straw wrapper he was rolling between his fingers. “Why’s that?” “You […]

A Mid-August Night

The day was coming to an end, but we kept on swimming. The whole summer was coming to an end, really. The pond had crossed over from blue to a black. Our mom started a bonfire and told us not to swim out too far. We could see the embers reflect and shimmer across the […]

Honestly, I Swear

a short story by bruce dierbeck I’ll admit it, I’m a liar. And I don’t mean those little fibs either, like telling your parents the report card didn’t come yet, when really it’s been confiscated and buried in the garbage beneath piles of German Shepherd feces. I mean real lifes; the kind that are capable […]

The Little Things

He often sat there, observing his surroundings.  Hoping for a catastrophic event of any proportion.  He wasn’t a bad guy.  Never did any time or anything. But he needed some event to define his life.  Why couldn’t he ever see a car accident before it happened, so he could jump in front and rescue some […]

Aged Six Years.

I was paging through a writing journal of mine from December of 2003. I came across a short story that I nearly forgot I had written. After finding it, I can now vividly recall sitting in a Starbucks on a Friday or Saturday night six years ago, in another city, and just letting this story […]