While Life Happens

I catch myself just wanting to get through each activity in order to get to the next thing I have to do. Grocery shopping. Yard work. Projects. The name we slap onto it doesn’t really matter. There’s just this inherent feeling that there’s so much more to have to get to, and so the sooner […]

Tales From The Crypt

Looking back to elementary school, middle school, and high school, one thing remained constant. Gym teachers were always given a crypt for an office. I couldn’t tell if they were protecting the gym teacher from the rest of the school or the school from the gym teachers. Their offices never had a window that let […]

Wherefore Art Thou [ *-* ]

In what year will cassette tapes become retro and cool? I’m asking for my friend, who just happens to be a cassette. Every weekend morning, I awake and put on a pot of coffee as I listen to old albums on vinyl. My parents and grandparents gave me much of their old vinyl collection. And […]

The Taste of the Universal Taco Bell

This time I have a handful of gray hairs that have moved in with the brown – the recession bad for follicles, too, who find themselves subletting out headspace even to the undesirable grays, just to maintain maximum occupancy. Then, I turned the pages and took in the words not by choice but by the […]

Confessions of Nerdery

I dig Algebra. It’s my favorite form of math. I aced Algebra I and II. 3x + 4 = 12 … Solve for x I like problem solving stuff and answering questions where you can go back and verify, knowing immediately if your answer is right or wrong. When a test was over, you basically […]

The Buck Starts Here

I’m nostalgic and more sentimental than a 30-something dude should be. And like your memory, the older you get, the worse it gets. Unfortunately, just like your memory, the older you get, the worse it … wait, I just said that, didn’t I? Man. A random song instantly makes me think of that time I […]

My Social Endeavor

I’m trying this crazy thing for 2011. It’s an online cleaning of the closet, if you will. I follow so many people on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, etc. Many of them, I follow on all platforms. The problem with this, is we begin to see the same things over and over. Twitter updates mimic Foursquare entries […]

I Have This Move

When I’m in a group and someone in the group asks if anyone’s seen movie “X”. If I haven’t seen movie “X” I will immediately attempt to distract the conversation with some form of an observational question of one of the group’s members. It comes off as a side conversation, but the group tends to […]

Order Over Chaos

I’m a little neurotic. A bit of a neat-freak. And probably borderline OCD at times. I like the comfort of having routines. Routines feel safe. They give order. Which, ultimately, allows you to make it through portions of your day on cruise control. Y’know, basically the same governing principles of the zombie genus. For this […]