While Life Happens

I catch myself just wanting to get through each activity in order to get to the next thing I have to do. Grocery shopping. Yard work. Projects. The name we slap onto it doesn’t really matter. There’s just this inherent feeling that there’s so much more to have to get to, and so the sooner […]

I’ve Had a Few

“What’s your greatest fear?” she asked. “You want the funny answer or the honest answer?” he asked. “Come on. The honest one.” He thought a moment. “Regret. There’s nothing scarier out there than regret.” He lingered on the thought, his eyes transfixed on the straw wrapper he was rolling between his fingers. “Why’s that?” “You […]

A Mid-August Night

The day was coming to an end, but we kept on swimming. The whole summer was coming to an end, really. The pond had crossed over from blue to a black. Our mom started a bonfire and told us not to swim out too far. We could see the embers reflect and shimmer across the […]

Where They May.

He often sat there, observing his surroundings and hoping for a catastrophic event of any proportion. Frank wasn’t a bad guy. He never did any time or anything. But he needed some event to define his terribly banal life. Why couldn’t he ever see a car accident developing before it happened, so he could jump […]

Tales From The Crypt

Looking back to elementary school, middle school, and high school, one thing remained constant. Gym teachers were always given a crypt for an office. I couldn’t tell if they were protecting the gym teacher from the rest of the school or the school from the gym teachers. Their offices never had a window that let […]

Wherefore Art Thou [ *-* ]

In what year will cassette tapes become retro and cool? I’m asking for my friend, who just happens to be a cassette. Every weekend morning, I awake and put on a pot of coffee as I listen to old albums on vinyl. My parents and grandparents gave me much of their old vinyl collection. And […]