While Life Happens

I catch myself just wanting to get through each activity in order to get to the next thing I have to do.

Grocery shopping. Yard work. Projects. The name we slap onto it doesn’t really matter. There’s just this inherent feeling that there’s so much more to have to get to, and so the sooner we get done with this, we can move onto that.

I’ve recently taken to stopping for a moment just to remind myself that this is the next thing. This is everything.

Life is more so about all of the things we do in between the big things, those concerts, vacations, whatever. Turning the everyday mundane into fun is the real life hack we’re all trying to achieve. Especially since our lives consist mostly of that other we’re often trying to find ways around.

The more I try to turn mowing the lawn or shoveling the driveway into something I’m doing rather than trying to get done, the less of a chore it seems. I can usually achieve that by adding in my iPhone, earbuds and Spotify with a side of singing at the top of my lungs. Even if that takes joy out of whatever my neighbors or wife may be doing at the moment.

It takes constant reminding, but my mantra is to be actively present in the moment. Otherwise, our life turns into some abbreviated CliffsNotes version of what it really should be.

Listen, I’m not saying I actively enjoy doing chores. Cleaning the house blows, any way you slice it. But it blows a little less when you take it as an opportunity to listen to your favorite album from start to finish or to let that movie you grew up loving as a kid stream in the background on Netflix so the negative connotations with cleaning get diluted by the fond memories you have of the Mark Harmon classic, Summer School.


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