I’ve Had a Few

“What’s your greatest fear?” she asked.

“You want the funny answer or the honest answer?” he asked.

“Come on. The honest one.”

He thought a moment.

“Regret. There’s nothing scarier out there than regret.” He lingered on the thought, his eyes transfixed on the straw wrapper he was rolling between his fingers.

“Why’s that?”

“You can harness yourself if you’re afraid of heights or bring a flashlight if you’re afraid of the dark. But there’s no outrunning regret. Maybe you can make up for the things you regret, but there’s really no cure for it. Ever. You just … live with it.”

“Wow. Never thought of it like that.”

“But I apologize,” he said. “You wanted the honest answer. Clowns. I fear clowns.”


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