Rooster and Hen Record Again: An Anti-Valentine Vignette

Note: over on Tumblr, “inthefade” posted this image and challenged people to write a poem, limerick, haiku, song or story to this image. But it had to be Valentine’s Day-related. And so this is what I came up with 20 minutes later.

Rooster and Hen Record Again

“I’m sorry, I keep clucking up. I promise, I’ll get it this time.”

“You said that twenty takes ago.”

“I know, I know. Just keep playing. I’ll get it this time. Promise.”

(voice over the intercom: “The Anti-Valentine: Take 21.”)

“I see you flappin’ round the coop with the chick I love and I’m like,
Cluck Youuuu. Oo, Oo, Oo.
I guess the feed in my farmhouse
wasn’t enough,
and I’m like,
Cluck You! And, cluck her too!
I said if this cock was bigger,
I’d still be with ya.
Well ain’t that some chicken shit? Some chicken shit?
And although there’s pain in my chest,
I still wish you the best with a … Cluck You!”

(voice over the intercom: “CUT! You nailed it!”)

“Speaking of nailing … whaddya say you and me …”

“I’m incubating right now.”

“You’re always incubating.”

(cut to:)



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