I Have This Move

When I’m in a group and someone in the group asks if anyone’s seen movie “X”. If I haven’t seen movie “X” I will immediately attempt to distract the conversation with some form of an observational question of one of the group’s members. It comes off as a side conversation, but the group tends to […]

Order Over Chaos

I’m a little neurotic. A bit of a neat-freak. And probably borderline OCD at times. I like the comfort of having routines. Routines feel safe. They give order. Which, ultimately, allows you to make it through portions of your day on cruise control. Y’know, basically the same governing principles of the zombie genus. For this […]

Honestly, I Swear

a short story by bruce dierbeck I’ll admit it, I’m a liar. And I don’t mean those little fibs either, like telling your parents the report card didn’t come yet, when really it’s been confiscated and buried in the garbage beneath piles of German Shepherd feces. I mean real lifes; the kind that are capable […]