A Long, Overdue Tribute

They’re a look that isn’t easy to pull off. But when it’s done right, it becomes the defining, distinguishing, characteristic of any man … or woman, for that matter. Although, only considered flattering on the one gender. I speak, of course, of the mustache. Or, The ‘Stache, as it is lovingly known as amongst its […]

Does Anyone Have $6,000 To Spare?

I only ask, because the antique shop across the street from my new apartment has a stuffed and mounted Grizzly Bear with a Shriner hat, for sale. Like The Dude’s rug, that would really tie the room together. Yesterday afternoon, I spent 45 minutes walking through the antique shop and only made it halfway through. […]

Warming Up To Winter

I almost enjoy a woman more, who is bundled up in winter clothing. Almost. Their essence is expressed in how they choose to layer. And you’re left to your imagination in order to figure out who is underneath it all. It’s one of the things that gets me through the long, almost unbearable, winter months. […]

Master of Karate: A “Lost” Recap

I guess his character has another name. But he’ll always be “Mac” from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia to me. And tonight, Mac left Paddy’s Pub and was back on the island again for the first time in numerous seasons! But now I’m jumping ahead. And even though the show’s writers are allowed to do […]

The Plot Point Thickens.

It’s really no secret. For every action or thriller I watch, I’m one of six men on the planet who openly enjoys the romantic comedy genre as well. Often times, predictable. Sure. But just as Die Hard will let you live out your inner German terrorist-stopping while barefooted fantasies, the rom com genre will let […]

Bustin’ a “Lost” Recap

For the last two seasons, I’ve recapped Lost episodes on another blog. Decided to bring that over here, for this final season instead. It’s only fitting that after flashbacks and flashforwards, and with characters caught between the past and future, that we now see them explore the alternate reality realm. Rather than busting up mid-flight, […]