Driving Me Crazy.

Growing up, I watched lots of horror movies. The same thing always happened toward the end of these movies. The killer would be lying on the ground, supposedly lifeless at the hands of the sweet-faced heroine. But she was never satisfied with merely killing the slasher. She was always compelled to take a peak under […]

Aged Six Years.

I was paging through a writing journal of mine from December of 2003. I came across a short story that I nearly forgot I had written. After finding it, I can now vividly recall sitting in a Starbucks on a Friday or Saturday night six years ago, in another city, and just letting this story […]

867-5308 Jerry

I feel sorry for Jerry. He lives on the corner of the subdivision, next to Jenny. A complete coincidence that neighbors would also share a phone number that differs by just the final digit. Jenny’s a girl with the kind of charisma that makes happily married men hold the door upon her arrival, and wordsmiths […]

Thanks a Latte!

What is it about coffee shops and grocery stores that always makes me feel like I’m five minutes away from falling in love? Knee jerk reaction is that it’s too many movies. But I don’t feel like I’m about to save a building full of drunk businessmen and women from an angry German terrorist every […]