The Blog Will Be Updated!

Really! Seriously! It will.

I forgot how tired working makes you. And working out. Throw the two together, and I’m a turd on the couch by 8pm!

But this weekend I’m devising a new, regular blogging schedule. I like having this structure in my life, again. Waking up, having a job to go to. Coming home, working out and making dinner. Y’know, accomplishing more than just getting the good table at the coffee shop during the day and thinking of another way to tell a potential employer they’d be lucky to hire me.

Don’t get me wrong – I like the free for all, too. But that’s why they invented the weekend. To be the bizarro week day, doing the equal opposite of what you just did the days prior. It all balances out. I’m so happy this week. This is exactly where I want to be.

Until then, have you been to my Tumblr page, lately? It’s where I go to do hit-n-run thoughts that aren’t quite blog ready, but need more than the alotted Twitter characters. It’s the deleted scenes and gag reel of the DVD that is this blog and my Twitter account.


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